Meet Philip Friedman: Top Trial Attorney for Consumer Rights

Philip Friedman, leading consumer attorney in Washington, DC and EPIC advisor, has litigated on behalf of consumer interests for decades. His cases established important precedent concerning the legal remedies available to consumers, and also provided significant financial support for law school clinics and consumer advocacy organizations throughout the Washington, DC area. Notably, Philip Friedman of Friedman Law Offices, P.L.L.C., recouped over $13 million in Bassin and Weems v. District Cablevision Limited Partnership, a case challenging illegal late fees collected from cable television giants. As a result, the law firm gave millions  in “cy pres” awards to DC Law clinics.

In addition to consumer litigation, Mr. Friedman is also a specialist in election law and Executive Director of CONSUMERSCOUNT, a national consumer rights organization dedicated to ending forced arbitration in consumer contracts and restoring the 7th Amendment’s right to trial by jury.

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