Ari Waldman Takes on the Current Privacy Landscape

Ari Ezra Waldman, Professor of Law, Director of the Innovation Center for Law and Technology at NYLS, and EPIC Advisor, recently conducted a seminar at Princeton University on the current privacy policy landscape: “where it has been, where it is going, and who it empowers along the way.”

Professor Waldman’s research focuses on the changing discourse around privacy, and how power over our data is shifting from the field of law to technology.  As a result of this change, substantive privacy protections for individuals have become weakened.

EPIC recognizes how focusing on technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, is critical to the privacy debate and has published the EPIC AI Sourcebook 2020. EPIC has long advocated for the implementation of a Data Protection Agency.

Professor Waldman argues that power largely resides with the design teams at the ground level, where engineers, supervised by other engineers, make consequential decisions about how to interpret the requirements of privacy law and integrate them into the code of technologies they create.  Watch Professor Waldman’s entire lecture below.



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