A Look Back: Stephanie Perrin on the Rights of Digital Citizens

“Change has been so rapid with the internet  that we don’t really conceptualize what the internet is,” said Stephanie Perrin, President of Digital Discretion, Inc. and EPIC Advisor during a candid 2014 interview. She discussed how government agencies were increasingly moving toward doing most of its business over the internet, and how these databases become treasure troves of information for those intending to do harm. According to Ms. Perrin, the answer lies in allowing civil society in the conversation, coupled with government enforcement.

Today, while the privacy conversation has gotten hotter since passage of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the U.S. and Canada is still relatively in the same place.

Stephanie Perrin is a well-known consultant in privacy and information policy issues and has provided advice to industry and government in the practical implementation of data protection policies and procedures. She’s the former Chief Privacy Officer of Zero-Knowledge, the first CPO in Canada, and has been active in a number of CPO associations, working with those responsible for implementing privacy in their organizations. Watch the full interview here.

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