Ryan Calo’s Thoughts on Trump’s Executive Order for AI

Ryan Calo, Professor at University of Washington School of Law and EPIC Advisor, recently wrote a piece for Jurist analyzing the provisions set forth in President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While he credits The White House for joining the previous Administration and “governments across the world” who already recognize the importance of AI policy, he also calls the EO “mostly rhetoric.”

The president is limited because he can neither force agencies to adopt particular policies, nor can he control the national budget. Simply put: “The EO doesn’t actually accomplish anything of substance,” says Professor Calo.

Consequently, the EO may actually compound the problem. According to Professor Calo, President Trump’s nationalistic view of AI – called “American AI” throughout the EO, misses the mark. “The construct of American AI—and the attendant notion that America is involved in an AI “race” or “competition” with rival nations—has consequences for AI policy and for the development of AI itself.”

He goes on to highlight how diverse the machine learning field is and how this outlook might undermine the contributions for foreign AI experts. “I cannot think of a serious engineering department that is not replete with, and enriched by, faculty and students from abroad.”

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