A Look Back: Jennifer Mnookin Explains Faulty Forensic Science

In 2016, Jennifer Mnookin, Dean of UCLA Law School and EPIC Advisor, discussed faulty forensic science and how much of it goes unchallenged in courtrooms across the country on a popular YouTube series. Professor Mnookin highlighted errors in fingerprint analysis, hair samples, and bite marks, and how this evidence is typically presented to jurors as “absolute” when they are not.

Professor Mnookin explains that much of this science has not been validated enough to claim a zero percent error rate. Fortunately, she says trial attorneys have “softened” their language and many are refraining from presenting forensic evidence with absolute certainty. In addition to this, some attorneys have taken steps to become more knowledgeable in this area, by conducting studies and doing more research on reliability.

EPIC has called for a moratorium on face surveillance. Watch Professor Mnookin’s interview on forensic science below.

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