Harriet Pearson Discusses the Important Role of Privacy Attorneys

Harriet Pearson, partner at Hogan Lovells and EPIC Advisor, hosted a podcast on company privacy practices and the role of privacy attorneys. Prior to her role at Hogan Lovells, Ms. Pearson was the Vice President, Security Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer for IBM. There she led the company’s global compliance, law and policy initiatives in privacy, data protection and cybersecurity.  In this podcast, she sits down with Salesforce, a company that helps businesses manage customer data, to discuss its data management philosophy – especially in the advent of AI, biometrics, and other advanced technologies.

A major area of focus for EPIC since 2019, has been ensuring that advances in AI also include the incorporation of UGAI principles such as transparency and fairness. Recently, EPIC called for a moratorium on the us of facial recognition technology until there is more research on how this particular technology will impact marginalized communities. Listen to the podcast below.

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