A Look Back: Charles M. Firestone and Aspen Institute hosts a Roundtable on Race

More people are beginning to take notice of issues regarding bias in algorithms. This is why EPIC has called for algorithmic transparency over the years, and recently, a moratorium on facial recognition technology. Still, change requires bringing these issues to the forefront in forums that allow individuals to come together and discuss these topics with thought, candor, and respect.

Charles M. Firestone, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program and EPIC Advisor, has done an excellent job of creating a space where experts, researchers, scholars and members of the community, can “explore new concepts, exchange insights, develop meaningful networks, and find personal growth, all for the betterment of society.”

One such example was a symposium on race hosted by the Aspen institute in 2014. Remarkably, many of the stats remain the same. Society continues to face the same issues around race and injustice. However, evolving technology requires us to revisit talks like this to understand why transparency is essential.

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