Bilyana Petkova Discusses Digital Technology at the Brookings Institute

Earlier this year, Professor and EPIC Advisor Bilyana Petkova joined a panel at the Brookings Institute to discuss digital technology in the age of artificial intelligence. The moderator discussed how artificial intelligence impacts every area of our lives and how there are several obvious ethical questions and even more latent ones to grapple with. The panelists addressed these issues candidly focusing on privacy legislation and how it could affect the way companies use AI in the future. Professor Petkova discussed how federalism promotes privacy innovation and was the best mechanism for preserving or enhancing local autonomy for privacy legislation. Petkova argued in her previous writings that forward momentum regarding consumer privacy will use the California Consumer Privacy Act as a starting point. She explained further that looking at the state and local levels as conduits for national legislation is good for gathering ideas and experimentation.

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