Len Kennedy Joins EPIC as Fall 2019 Scholar in Residence!

Len Kennedy, EPIC Advisor and former general counsel for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Neustar Inc., joined EPIC as the Fall 2019 Scholar in Residence.

Len Kennedy is a highly regarded and award-winning corporate executive and former government official. Mr. Kennedy has served as general counsel to two Fortune 500 companies and has advised other Fortune 500 corporations, boards and senior management on business, telecommunications and media law. He has successfully advocated business and regulatory policies to federal agencies and the Congress that fostered the development of the cellular and internet communications markets and services. In his Fortune 500 roles, as the first general counsel of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and as general counsel of Neustar, Inc., he witnessed and addressed data security, privacy, cyber incident and web protection concerns. Having participated in the deregulation of telecommunications and the rise of the internet, he believes the full emergence of a digital networked economy, or Fourth Industrial Revolution, is at hand and requires searching inquiry and thoughtful implementation of practices and policies to ensure the values of civil society, personal privacy and economic security.

EPIC is excited to work closely with Mr. Kennedy on a host of priority issues ranging from open government to AI policy.  Mr. Kennedy will be invited to participate and offer his expertise during our regular staff meetings and planning sessions.

Once again, EPIC welcomes Len Kennedy and looks forward to his contribution!

For more information on Len Kennedy and EPIC, please visit www.epic.org.