Danielle Citron on Deep Fakes and AI

Most are aware that Photoshop and other photo editing software can be used to enhance or manipulate images. But recently, photo and video manipulation has been taken to a level that has some second guessing everything they see and hear on the internet.

Bad actors with highly technical programming knowledge, and lots of time of their hands, are creating “Deep Fakes” – hyper realistic fake video using superimposed images of people, voice manipulation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Danielle Citron, University of Maryland Law Professor and Chair of the EPIC Board of Directors, Bobby Chesney of University of Texas Law School at Austin, and Chris Bregler, a senior computer scientist and AI manager at Google, were guest panelists on the Lawfare Podcast to discuss this alarming trend.

The group dissected ways to combat this new form of cyber exploitation and its impact on public figures, private individuals, and society as a whole. For more information read the published paper by Citron and Chesney, Deep Fakes: A Looming Challenge for Privacy, Democracy, and National Security. Listen to the entire episode below.


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