Jack Balkin on Social Media’s Growing Responsibility

Jack Balkin, Professor at Yale and EPIC Advisor, recently published Fixing Social Media’s Grand Bargain.  The paper centers on the growing impact social media has on our lives and the growing responsibility on social media companies. “Treating social media companies as public forums or public utilities is not the proper cure. It may actually make things worse.” Balkin writes.  “Even so, social media companies, whether they like it or not, have public obligations. They play important roles in organizing and curating public discussion and they have moral and professional responsibilities both to their end users and to the general public.” 

Balkin delves into “reinvigorated” competition law as one way of addressing the issues associated with social media, but also how reexamining fiduciary obligations focused on the end users will “counteract social media companies’ bad incentives.” Read the entire paper here.


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