Dr. Pablo Molina on Open Government and Personal Privacy

Dr. Pablo Molina, EPIC Advisor, stopped by for an informal visit with EPIC staff. Molina is the Chief Information Security Officer at Drexel University and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He is also Executive Director of the International Applied Ethics and Technology Association.

The discussion quickly turned to striving for open government and transparency while also protecting the private lives of individuals. It can be difficult for others outside the policy world to understand that these are not mutually exclusive objectives. Privacy groups like EPIC can (and often do) advocate for both.

Molina noted some of the strides other countries are making with government transparency – the Mexican government. Recently, he worked with Mexican officials to implement open government strategies which for him is evidence of a step in the right direction.

Molina congratulated EPIC on the great work done this year – principally on the launch of EPIC’s new membership model for Advisors. “I’m on the board of many NGOs and how we make a difference is by giving our time and talent.” He said, highlighting the important contributions of EPIC staff, advisors, and the public’s support over the years. Molina has been impressed with EPIC’s work and said he expects to see more from the talented group.


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